Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods….

Finally the tutorial that I promised last week:  How to make my famous Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods.  2 weeks ago I made 160 of these, they aren’t very difficult.  It took a while but I have plenty to use for gifts and Christmas parties.

Sheena 3.jpg

Christmas Pretzel Rods

Melt your chocolate chips.

chocolate 1.jpg chocolate 3 .jpg

Set up your station.


station 2.jpg

Prep your colored chips.

red.jpg green.jpg

Coat the pretzels with chocolate.  Use a spatula to spread the chocolate while spinning the pretzel with your other hand.

coat 1.jpg

coat 1b.jpg

coat 2.jpg

Place your pretzel on cookie sheet and drizzle on red and green topping.

add red.jpg

red and green.jpg

Sprinkle your favorite toppings: Sprinkles, Crushed M&Ms, Mints, Candy Canes, Etc.

add decorations.jpg

Let pretzels harden in freezer then enjoy!

outside 1.jpg

outside 2.jpg

outside 3.jpg

outside 4.jpg

Christmas Pretzel Rods

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Red and Green Melts
  • Sprinkles and Candy for Toppings
  1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
  2. Coat the pretzel with chocolate leaving a small part exposed to use as a handle.
  3. Lay on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper.
  4. Melt red & green chips in a squeeze bottle per the directions on the bag and pour over pretzels.
  5. Decorate with sprinkles.
  6. Freeze until hard.
  7. Store in closed containers, in a cold area (garage, freezer etc.) until ready to share.
  8. Enjoy!

These can be adapted for any holiday but for some reason I only make them at Christmas.

Check back tomorrow for a perfect winter soup recipe!


  1. Fabulous job on your pretzels. They look absolutely gorgeous and delicious. I am your newest follower.


  2. These look great Sheena! I am planning on making them for my family this Christmas! Thanks! (p.s. this is Olivia from PA)

  3. just wanted to say your blog is pretty awesome, I use might be of some use to you to

  4. How much of the regular chocolate did you go through to make the 160ish pretzel rods? I am dipping pretzel rods as wedding favors and am not sure how much of the Wilton candy melts I’ll need to purchase. I’m making 400 dipped rods… O_O



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