A new day…

I have been struggling the last few years with my weight.  I have finally come to the realization that it is time to do something about it.  I made a huge step in this journey and attended my first Weight Watchers meeting today.  I was nervous about how it would go and the type of people there but it was fantastic.  The facilitator is great and very motivating.  She followed WW the last 3 years and lost 200 pounds.  I don’t have that much to lose but I hope it works just as well with me.  From now on I am going to be posting the PointsPlus value to everything that I share on the blog.  I think this will help others who are also following WW.

This week has been a struggle for me.  I made a few healthy recipes that I haven’t shared but promise to this weekend!  I couldn’t get motivated to exercise.  I tried to just do WW online but didn’t feel like I was getting the whole picture.  Posting has been low this week because I have been trying to come up with a plan.  I started my healthy lifestyle change today and can’t wait to share it with you.

theSheenBean is going to still have recipes that aren’t all WW.  I still want to make cookies and desserts but I want to show you that I can just eat one and that WW builds extra allotments in so that you can have food that isn’t great for you and still lose weight.  I will be sharing some daily menus that include my breakfast, lunch and dinner choices.  I am not going to post my food intake each day.  That could be boring especially when I eat the same thing but I want to share my different ideas and what I feel helps me lose weight the best.

I hope that you all join me in this journey.  I would love to have comments and questions on the food and recipes that I post.  Feel free to email me about any WW questions you may have.

See you tomorrow with my exercise plan!

Have you ever tried WW and if so, did it work?


  1. Sheena, I’m very excited about your new plan for thesheenbean and for yourself. I’ve done WW several times in my life and think it really is the best. Going to the meetings is important for success, so that was a big step. Haven’t tried the new Points Plus but several friends at work are having good success with it. I’ll have to tell them about your blog! Good luck! I know you’ll do great!

  2. You know I am doing WW too! So if you need support, call me! I think working out is hard to stick to sometimes but I just do it at the end of the day as a way to unwind. I need to attend a meeting and see if I am doing the PointsPlus right. I had lifetime member status for WW but now have to lose a few pounds to earn that back.

  3. Congrats on your healthy life choice! I’m so happy for you!. Just another tool to help you in your journey to the healthy lifestyle you want is sparkpeople.com. It is a free website that has all sorts of groups and I know one is a WW group. The people tend to be super friendly and super supportive. I hope you get a minute to check it out and see if you think that just might be an additional tool to help you on your journey! Good luck and if you need support, I’m here!

  4. Hi Sheena,
    I found your blog one day and I really liked it. I found you on Blogger and have followed you to your new website. Congrats on joining WW. I joined around Thanksgiving time when the new Points Plus came out. It’s a wonderful plan! I have just started a blog (on blogger) since I want to cook or bake one new recipe a week. And I love that you are posting what you are cooking! I found some blogs/sites on WW recipes that I like. Please let me know if you would like to know about them. I wish both of us success on WW!

    • I am so glad that you found me. Please send me your blog so that I can start following you. I would also like the blogs that you found that have WW recipes on them. I am always looking for new recipes. My frist weigh in is on Friday. I hope it goes well! Good luck to you too!

      • My blog is whatsoundsgoodtoeat.blogspot.com. It’s new and I’m just getting my feet wet but it’s fun!! 2 sites that I like are: skinnytaste.com & greenlitebites.com. I hope you like them!! If you find any, please let me know.
        You will do great on Friday! It’s always a little scary for your first weigh in but you will be nicely surprised with the results! =)

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