A tough day…

Let’s just say that today wasn’t my best day on WW.  I didn’t get up before work to exercise.  I had lemon water instead of coffee with my breakfast.  My breakfast was 7 PP (Chobani Honey with Kashi Crisp) which is higher than I would like.  I had a terrible headache from not having coffee.  We had boxed lunches at work so I gave away my chips and cookie but instead ate a side of potato salad which was 9 PP, it definitely wasn’t worth it!  Luckily my turkey sandwich was one 3 PP!   I gave in to my headache and took some Advil and had a cup of coffee after lunch.  The afternoon was much better!  To make my eating worse, we just went for Mexican.  I was good and shared fajitas with Tony and only had 8 chips.  I was able to only use 12 PP for dinner!  I wouldn’t say that I am full but I came home and had a banana, 0 PP, and I feel much better.  I stayed on track and haven’t done over my points but I feel like I didn’t distribute them well and didn’t make healthy choices.

Thanks for listening to me complain.  Tomorrow will be much better.  It is going to start with Week 3 of the C25K and end with a healthy dinner cooked at home!

PP = Points Plus


  1. I just saw your blog listed on the Healthy Living Blog site and realized that you lived in Greenville!!!! I live in Clemson, but spend a lot of time in G’ville since my boyfriend lives there. I seriously need to get a group of us Greenville bloggers together!

    • I am so glad that you found me. I would love to have a blogger meetup. I don’t know any other bloggers in the area.

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