Crosby the Goalie

Today is Crosby’s 3rd birthday!  He got to spend his day playing with his dog friends at Camp Bow Wow.  He loved his new toys and bag of jerky that he got tonight!  Since I take way too many pictures of him, I thought I would share a few with you today.

Crosby is named after Sidney Crosby, the Pittsburgh hockey player.  His middle name is “Li’l Penguin.”

He was so little the day we adopted him, 4/26/08.

Crosby  1

Crosby  2

He was so shy.  His legs were so short that we had to carry him up the steps.

Crosby  3

Crosby  8

He is 1/3 Hokie, 1/3 Tiger and 1/3 Penguin!


His trips to PA are his favorite!

Crosby  4

He loves to play with Roxy.

Crosby  9

My dad spoils him with peanut butter toast every morning!

Crosby  11

He’s not exactly the model dog that Roxy is.  He loves toilet paper.

Crosby  6

Crosby  5

He likes the presents under the tree and even the lights on the tree!

Crosby  7

He loves walks in the snow, especially when he can eat some.

Crosby  10

On Saturday, it is Take Your Dog to the Hockey Game night here in Greenville.  They are having a dog photo contest this week.  They will pick 5 dogs that will get to go out on the ice and have a chance to the be crowds favorite dog!  Of course we wouldn’t pass up this opportunity for a dog that is named after a hockey player.  I had my dad mail me a mini hockey net and goalie stick last week.  On Saturday, Crosby had his photo shoot for the contest.  Here are some of the attempts at making him a goalie.

Goalie  2

Goalie  1

Goalie  3

Goalie  7


Goalie  8

Goalie  4

Goalie  5

Goalie  6

As you can see, it took lots of treats to get him to sit in the net.  We have a few good ones.  It is going to be tough decision on which one to send in.

Time to get the birthday boy some ice cream!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Crosby! What cute pictures! It’s hard to believe he used to be shy. He’s such a social dog now. I love the picture where he’s peeking under the stick!

  2. Gloria Yanowsky says:

    Happy belated Birthday Crosby. Loved the pictures and love it when he comes to the Store when his in Pa.

  3. Happy Birthday Crosby!!

    There are so many similarities between Crosby and my shih tzu pup, Geno. We adopted him in August of 2008 but he was born 4/26/08. He loves car rides, toilet paper, and the Penguins. He couldn’t go up the stairs when we got him either! :)

    We are watching Game 7 right now. I hope the Pens win and that our boys have a chance to play again this season (well Crosby at least)!

    • Sheena says:

      Thanks! Sorry about the bad game 7. At least they made it that far. Thanks for stopping by.

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