Running Outside?!?!

After a not-so-successful weigh in yesterday, I am determined to have a better week!

It was beautiful yesterday here in the South so what better way to spend it than at a park.  Tony & I did our run outside on a trail at a local park instead of inside on a treadmill.  Before yesterday, I had never run outside.  I was nervous and unsure on how it would do.  We wanted to do W4D2 but I was unsure of how the treadmill to road transition would go.

We did the normal 5 minute walking warmup and then came time to run.  I was nervous.  I was afraid that my body and legs wouldn’t know what to do.  I turned up my iPod and started running.  I didn’t make it for the scheduled 3 minutes but I finally ran outside!  We did 6 laps (about 3 miles total) on the trail and I ran part of each lap.

We came home and made a delicious, healthy dinner.  I will share the recipe soon.  My computer and camera are not getting along today.

We are trying out a different course today.  I am excited to run outside again.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!!

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