Tony’s Birthday Celebrations, Part 1

I am alive, just exhausted!  Between 3 birthday celebrations for Tony and the Super Bowl, we had a crazy busy weekend.  I am going to start with recapping Tony’s Birthday.  Details from the Super Bowl party will come later this week.

So remember the presents I left you with on Wednesday??  Well, inside the large box was 2 pairs of these fantastic snow boots!  They will be perfect for next winter when we live in Cincinnati and Tony will have to walk Crosby outside in the snow!


Yes, I ordered two different sizes.  Thanks to Zappos for free shipping to & from.  Inside the bag were the workout pants and a few pairs of socks, nothing exciting.

Thursday night I took Tony to one of his favorite restaurants, Bin 112 to celebrate his birthday.

Tony 028

We shared two delicious appetizers for dinner.

Tony 032

A filet and crab cake surf and turf and sashimi grade tuna with blue cheese dumplings.

Tony 033

They were both excellent choices but dessert was my favorite!

Tony 034

Make your own S’mores with their fantastic home made chocolate!

Tony 035

Whoever decided to have Make Your Own S’mores on the menu was a genius.  This is by far one of my favorite desserts.  The homemade chocolate has chili in it but you don’t taste the spice until after you eat the chocolate.

Check back tomorrow for cupcakes & bowling!

What is your favorite dessert?


  1. Oh my gosh!! I haven’t been to Bin 112 since they’ve added the smores!! Holy cow…

    • I don’t know how often they have it on the menu. We went for Valentine’s Day last year and had it so it may be a winter item. You should go try it. It’s delicious!

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