Tony’s Birthday Celebrations, Part 2

If you are trying to catch up, last night I recapped our fantastic dinner on Tony’s birthday.  Time for part 2!

Saturday night was full of birthdays, pizza, beer, bowling and cupcakes!

Tony 036

The cupcake recipe comes from Gina at Skinny Taste.  They were her Skinny Red Velvet Cupcakes.  Because they were healthy and they didn’t have oil, they were more dense like muffins.

We celebrated both Tony’s and our friend Joe’s birthdays!  Joe & Julie are some of our best friends here in Greenville.  We go to trivia with them every Tuesday night.  We are really going to miss them when we move.

Tony 028

Joe & Tony

Tony 033

Julie & I

Tony 027

Tony 037

Tony 034

Game 1:

Tony 029

Team 1: Jon, Peter, Andrew & Andrea

Tony 030

Team 2: Tony, Sheena, Joe & Julie

We lost game 1 by 3 points (and yes, I am a terrible bowler!)

Game 2:  Same Teams.

Tony 031

Tony 032

Tony, Joe & Julie had a great second game and lead our team to a victory.  I, on the other hand, lowered my score!

Time to get ready for trivia night.  Have a great night.


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