What happened to my weekend?

It was a busy weekend here in Greenville and I didn’t manage to take any pictures for you.

Let’s start with Friday.  After work I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and lost this week!  It felts great to have a good week after my previous weigh-in.  Tony & I went out with some friends for dinner and I had a delicious shrimp salad.  The bed of lettuce was topped with tortilla chips, black beans, shrimp and 4 types of salsa.  It was delicious!

On Saturday we went and tried out the 5k course that we are thinking about running on my birthday.  Let me tell you, I am out of shape.  The course had a steeper incline than I had anticipated.  I’m not so sure I will be ready for a 5k in 3 weeks.  Hopefully this week of training will help!  I came home and made Samoas Bars.  I took them over to Tony’s parents house for dinner.  His grandparents and aunt were in town this weekend and we got to share a great dinner with them.

My sports teams had a great night last night.  The Penguins won in a shoot-out and the Hokies beat #1 Duke!!

Today has been filled with cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning.  Our realtor came over tonight to discuss selling our house so we needed to get it in tip top shape!  We spent the majority of the day before she came and the rest of the evening cleaning up so that she can take pictures tomorrow.  I don’t think my house has ever been this clean.  We hope to have it on the market in a few days!  Hopefully someone will want to buy it.

I wish it was only Saturday night.  I’m exhausted!

Time to curl up on the couch


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