You Win Some, You Lose Some

It has been a busy week.  Monday night Tony & I went out for Valentine’s Day.  We went to a local Italian restaurant.  I haven’t had pasta since I started WW and I was really in the mood for it.  I didn’t eat as healthy as I should but it was Valentine’s Day.

Today I went to the gym and ran/walked for 55 minutes.  I earned 5 Activity Points.  I made what I thought was going to be a healthy dinner and it turned out that I ate 19 points!  At least I got in some exercise today.  I will work on making this dish healthier then I will share it with you.  It was definitely good, just not 19 points good.

My exercise procrastination has been really bad this week.  I set my alarm for 5 am everyday this week and not once did I ever get up and do anything.  I would just reset my alarm and go back to sleep.  I had planned on running Monday morning but the run didn’t happen until tonight.

Are you a morning exerciser?  If so, what kind of routine do you have?  Do you have any advice for me so that I can become a morning exerciser?


  1. Lynda Saathoff says:

    Hi Sheena- You will have to talk to John for advice on morning running. He’s a 5:30 am guy and out running by 6:00 after coffee. That’s my only advice for morning running- COFFEE! My other tidbit is to say that it is much easier to run in the morning in summer. I’m an after work exerciser myself. Problem with that is you will end up eating dinner at 8;00 pm every night. Good luck. Don’t give up.

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