A Whirlwind of a Weekend

So where do I start…. I still owe you a recipe from last week.  I have lots of concert pictures to share.   We were so busy over the weekend that I didn’t even have time to download any photos on the laptop.

First things first, FOOD.

We ate a lot while in Cincinnati over the weekend.  This eating wasn’t exactly all healthy either.  Oh well, everyone needs to eat unhealthy some of the time.

Friday: Pizza & Beer at Dewey’s.  I can’t wait to take my mom here.  Pizza is her favorite food and I think she will love it!

Saturday: Lunch at Green Dog Cafe.  Fantastic!  I can’t wait to eat there again once we move.

Dinner: Sushi follow by Graeter’s Ice Cream.  Funny story:  It was our turn to order our ice cream.  The indecisive person that I am, I couldn’t decide.  I looked around and saw a little girl with a cone dipped in sprinkles with 2 candy eyeballs on it.  I ordered what the little girl had minus the eyeballs!  I love sprinkles so this was the perfect treat!!


Sunday: Lunch at the famous Skyline Chili!  Every time we visit Cincinnati, Tony has to make stop at Skyline.  It’s not my favorite but I’m getting used to the sweet chili.  Remember when I tried to make a healthier version?  Maybe I will recreate the chili dog version soon.


Back to Thursday.

Kirsten, Eric, Tony & I went to see Sugarland on Thursday night.  Jennifer and Kristian are excellent singers and fantastic performers.  This was my third time seeing them and it was definitely my favorite.  We had SugarPit tickets, so we were nice and close to the stage!  It was a great evening and can’t wait to have the chance to see them again sometime!


Sugarland  3

Sugarland  9Sugarland  8

Sugarland  6 Sugarland  1

Sugarland  2

Sugarland  4

Sugarland  7

Time to watch the end of the Bachelor.

Who do you want Brad to pick?

I am an Emily fan.  She seems so sweet and loving.



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