The Birthday Girl

Saturday was my 27th birthday so Tony & I decided to drive to PA to spend the weekend with my family.  We met them at a Japanese restaurant in Morgantown on Friday night for dinner.  We had plenty of sushi for the 5 of us to share!  Sushi is one of my favorite foods and this didn’t disappoint!


Saturday morning started with sprinkle waffles, a perfect way to start my birthday! Thanks Mom!

Sushi  1

Next year I need to drop a few more hints about gifts because both Tony and my parents got me the same gift, a sodastream machine.  Now I can make my own pop or carbonated water at home!  I returned one of them on Saturday afternoon and was able to buy some accessories and flavors.  I’ve already used it a few times and I love it!

Sushi  2

My birthday dinner was at one of my favorite Italian restaurants, Meloni’s.

Sushi  3

No birthday can be complete without a Sweet Potato Cake for dessert.  Tony got this cake from a cafe here in Greenville and we transported up to PA just for my birthday.  (Yes, I can be spoiled some especially when I request a certain cake that has to be transported in the car for 7 hours!)


Cake  1

Cake  2

I need to figure out how to recreate this cake.  It is seriously the most moist and sweet cake I have ever had.  I wish I had a piece left for dessert tonight.  Luckily, we left it all in PA so I’m not tempted with it.

I had a great birthday weekend at home with my family.  Weekends always seem to go by so fast.  I am so excited to live a little closer to them this summer!  Thanks for a great birthday weekend!  I love you all.

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