The Road Warriors’ Favorite Dog!

Remember the dog photo contest I told you about in Monday?  Well this photo advanced Crosby into the finals at the Road Warriors game last night.

Crosby Broering

It was “Pucks for Pups” night at the game and all fans were encouraged to bring their dogs along.  There were a lot of dogs hanging out in the Bi-Lo Center.  It was definitely an interesting promotion but it went well.  I think all of the fans and dogs enjoyed themselves.

RoadWarriors  1


RoadWarriors  4

Local service dogs were honored during the intermission.

RoadWarriors  3

Some dogs enjoyed watching the game!

RoadWarriors  5

The Road Warriors won 5-3!

RoadWarriors  9

RoadWarriors  8

RoadWarriors  6

Crosby spent most of the game under our seats.  He wasn’t a fan of the loud noises.

RoadWarriors  10

RoadWarriors  11

During the second intermission, they showed the dog photos  on the jumbo-tron and the fans cheered for their favorite dog.  Crosby made it to the second round where he received lots of cheering from the crowd!

Crosby was named the Road Warriors favorite dog!!

RoadWarriors  7

Our cheering section included our friends, Joe & Julie,

RoadWarriors  12

and Tony’s parents, Jay & Melissa.

RoadWarriors  13

Thanks to Camp Bow Wow, Crosby is now enjoying a nice, new, huge bed and a bag full of goodies.

RoadWarriors  16

RoadWarriors  15

RoadWarriors  17

RoadWarriors  14

Crosby is excited to use his Camp Bow Wow gift certificate soon.  He loves being able to go and play with the other dogs!

Thanks to everyone who cheered for Crosby at the game!  Go Road Warriors!!!

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