A Pennsylvania Easter!

Happy Easter!

It’s been a while since I last blogged.  Life has been busy and we’ve been traveling so blogging wasn’t my first priority.

Last weekend Tony & I drove to PA to have Easter with my family.  The weekend started off with us picking up my brother Phil at the airport.  He is going to Optometry school in Puerto Rico and this was the first time we’ve seen him since Christmas.

Easter 2011

We had signs to greet him!

Easter 2011  1

Home from Puerto Rico for spring break, nice and tan.  I’m jealous that he gets to enjoy the island life while going to school.

Saturday night we enjoyed a large Easter dinner with everyone in my Mom’s family.

Grandma always has the table decorated for each holiday.

Easter 2011

There was plenty of food for all 22 of us!

Easter 2011  1

Easter 2011  2

Ham, turkey, multiple types of potatoes, many other veggies and delicious sweets!  Even a creepy looking bunny cake for the little ones to enjoy.

Easter 2011  3

Easter 2011  4

Easter 2011  5

Easter 2011  6

Grandma had fun dancing with the girls!

Ever since I can remember we’ve had an egg hunt at Grandma’s at Easter.  After church on Sunday we all got together to have the hunt.  There were over 120 eggs for us to find.  Yes, even the “adult” grandkids participate.

Easter 2011  7


Easter 2011  8

Easter 2011  9

Easter 2011  10

After the egg hunt we took lots of family photos!

Easter 2011  11

Easter 2011  13

Easter 2011  14

Easter 2011  15

Easter 2011  16

Sunday night we had Easter dinner with my dad’s family.  Once again we ate wayyyyy to much!

Easter 2011  21

My favorite part was the Fruit Cocktail Cake, aka Gravy Cake, that we had.  One day I will recreate it and share the recipe.  It’s one of my favorite cakes!!!

Easter 2011  22

Easter 2011  17

Easter 2011  18

Easter 2011  19

Easter 2011  20

We enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner today with Tony’s family.  I will share those photos later this week.  I hope you had a great holiday and were able to enjoy it with the one’s that mean the most to you.  Even though we celebrated a week early, it felt just like Easter and we all enjoyed the time together.

Do you still have an egg hunt at Easter?

The egg hunt at Grandma’s is always a fun one.  There are usually good prizes for everyone that participates.  This year we won Target and Starbucks cards!  Thanks Grandma!


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