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Greetings from the great state of OHIO!

The last time I posted I was trying to find a job and plan a move. Well, I found a job but we haven’t moved yet. Ok, let me catch you up on everything.

I finished up my job in Greenville last week. My coworkers were nice enough to take me out for pizza and beverages on Thursday night. They are really a great group. I’m going to miss them so much. They didn’t let me leave unprepared, I was given both Starbucks and Barnes & Noble gift cards and a lovely card with many heartfelt messages. Friday, my last day, during our company meeting I was given a Pittsburgh Steeler scarf, gloves and hat. They didn’t want me to be unprepared for the cold winters in Bengals country! I am so thankful to have met such a great group of people. I can only hope that my new coworkers are half as nice. Thank you all for a great 4 years.

On Saturday, Tony, Crosby and I drove to Cincinnati with a car full of stuff. We had so much loaded in the car that Crosby had to ride on our lap! We got our keys for our rental house and unloaded as soon as we got there. We spent the night there on a blowup mattress in an empty house. Yes, Mom, we survived without cable and Internet! On Sunday Tony and Crosby drove back to Greenville while I took a rental car up to Toledo to start my new job!

My new company is headquartered here in Toledo, so I will be spending a few weeks learning the ropes of the company before I start in Cincinnati. I’ve been through 2 days and so far its great. I’m currently living in a hotel which definitely has it pluses and minuses. I’m looking forward to Friday when I get to fly back to Greenville for the weekend!

After 2 days here is what I’ve learned about Toledo:
The like hotdogs.
You can’t compare their chili to Skyline. It doesn’t have cinnamon in it up here
You can get a Chili-Mac at a local restaurant. Its chili and macaroni, I think.
They have a baseball team called the MudHens, yes that’s right.
The streets parallel to the river downtown are named after the Great Lakes.
The perpendicular streets are named after the first five presidents, but someone forgot to put
them in order.
It was still 101 degrees outside at 6:00 tonight, way to hot and humid for me!
The sun sets later in the evening compared to what I’m used to.
Most restaurants serve the Toledo version of a Cobb salad. Someone named Betty developed
the recipe many years ago. I had one tonight. It was just ok.

Well I think I’ve caught you up to speed on what has been going on in my life. Sorry for the lack of photos, I’m typing this post on the iPad and I don’t know how to add photos.

Have you ever been to Toledo? What do I need to do while I’m here?

I’ll be back to check in soon! Happy summer!