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Moving to a new city opens many doors for new opportunities.

Most of you may not know this about me but I love to volunteer.  Just knowing that I can make a small difference in someone else’s life is so important to me.  I am lucky enough to be blessed with a job and a healthy, loving family, 2 things that not everyone has.  There are some people who struggle to have enough money to feed their family each week.  Others have loved ones that have more medical problems than I can ever imagine.

When I lived in Greenville, I had many different opportunities to volunteer and help others in need. The events that I loved volunteering for were:

Meals on Wheels Deliveries,  It was amazing what just taking an hour a week and delivering 8-10 meals can do for you.  At each stop you get the chance to interact with someone for a minute or two.  Those few minutes may be the only human interaction that person gets all day.  Seeing what most of the recipients of Meals on Wheels have makes me feel very privileged.



Cystic Fibrosis Upstate SC Events  I volunteered for the 1st Annual Cycle For Life in October and was also able to help with the Greenville Great Strides Walk.  I am planning on getting involved with the CF chapter here in Cincinnati.



Clarity Spelling Bee In January I was able to help with the Clarity Spelling Bee.  It was unlike any event I have every helped with.  Watching the elementary kids spell words to win a giant trophy while we were raising money for a great cause was so much fun.  I will definitely miss helping with this event.

United Way Back to School bags, Christmas gifts and Easter Baskets.  Each September, December and March the United Way had a program that gave you the opportunity to purchase gifts for children that were less privileged.

 Volunteering In Cincinnati

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Cincinnati Chapter of Cystic Fibrosis Volunteer Town Hall Meeting. It was a great informational meeting on what their needs are for the events in the upcoming months.  It was hard to not sign up to help with EVERY event.  The volunteer inside me really wanted to but I know that I need to spread my talents and get involved in a few different charities.  I can’t wait to get started with their next event.

What charity do you like to volunteer with?