On Friday night, Tony took me to my first Cincinnati Reds game.

Reds game  1

The Reds won after 13 innings!

Even though it was 100 degrees out, this guy still managed to carry around snow cones.  I guess people enjoy melted snow cones.

Reds game

After 13 innings of baseball, we were treated to a great fireworks show.  Tony even bought me a Reds hat to wear even though he knows I’m a Pittsburgh fan deep down inside (at least its a cute hat).

Reds game  3

On Saturday we went to Gil’s first birthday party.  We have known Gil’s parents, Sharlisa & Ashley for over 3 years.  Sharlisa did her pediatric residency with Tony in Greenville and now they live just over an hour away from us in Lexington, KY.

Gil  8

Sharlisa did such a great job with his cake.  It was adorable!  There were also number 1 jello jigglers and rice crispy treats!

Gil  2

The birthday boy enjoyed his train cake!

Gil  5

The birthday boy and his mom!

Gil  7

Along with all of the delicious sweets Sharlisa made, I brought along a batch of sugar cookies.


I made birthday hats….

Gil  1

cupcake cookies…

Gil  3

and lots of number 1s.

Gil  4

 Last weekend was busy but I enjoyed my first Reds game as well as Gil’s first birthday party!

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