New Ingredient: Tempeh

I don’t have any excuses for not blogging lately.  We haven’t exactly been busy.  I’ve just been lazy.  I hope I can get rid of that laziness soon because I have lots to share with you.  I have a few new products that I’ve received over the last few days to test out and review so the next few posts may be overkill but I agreed to have them posted by the end of the month and here we are at the 24th of August and I’ve only done one of the posts, my kodak book!  Tonight isn’t one of those sponsored posts from Foodbuzz.  It’s about a new to me product that has been in my refrigerator for a few weeks: Tempeh!

Tempeh  1

I’m not a vegetarian but I enjoy most of the vegetarian options that you can use in place of meat.  I’ve seen lots of recipes lately that include tempeh so when we were at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago, I picked up a pack.  I’ve been hesitant to make it because I wasn’t sure how it would taste.  I finally gave in and used it tonight!


Tempeh is “a vegan protein made from soybeans, rice, barley and millet.

It crumbled easily and reminded me of ground turkey.

Tempeh  3

I made Mama Pea’s Tamale Pie tonight using this tempeh.

Tempeh  4

The recipe was simple to make.  It tasted fantastic!  I’ve made a few of her recipes and they are all great.  I really couldn’t tell that it wasn’t actual meat in the pie.  It had a delicious taste.  Tony even liked it.  He said that the recipe was a keeper!

I’m glad that I finally gave in and used this new protein.  I’m sure you will see me using it again in the near future.

What meat alternatives do you like?

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