Brown Bag Challenge

I haven’t forgotten about you friends, I just haven’t had much to talk about.  The only thing I realized that I haven’t shared with you is the Brown Bag Challenge we’ve been participating in all month.

“For the month of September, the Food Network Blog, Healthy Eats, has challenged bloggers with the Brown Bag Challenge.  According to their blog, “The goal is to eat a home-packed lunch every weekday in September. For some, that means preparing ahead and bringing a frozen meal to work and for others, that means baking homemade bread for sandwiches. Whatever your level, we won’t judge, the important thing is to plan ahead so you have more control. At Healthy Eats though, we stress the importance of portion control and eating whole foods as opposed to processed, so our posts and conversations will encourage that way of eating.”

I thought this would be the perfect challenge for us.  It not only helps us save money but we are also eating healthier.    I’ve been trying to cook at home more during the week so that we have leftovers for lunch.  I’m not too creative with packed lunches so leftovers are the easiest for me.  On days we haven’t had leftovers, I’ve made PB&J sandwiches.  This may sound boring but I’ve been enjoying them.  Before last week, I couldn’t tell you the last time I made a PB&J.

Here are our lunches so far:

  • 9/1: Pizza leftovers
  • 9/2: PB&J
  • 9/6:Veggie lasagna leftovers
  • 9/7: Chicken & Red Curry leftovers
  • 9/8: PB&J
  • 9/9: Same as Monday 9/6.
  • 9/12: Thai(him)/Pizza (her) leftovers
  • 9/13: PB&J
  • 9/14:Pot sticker burger leftovers
I am determined to make it through the month without either of us having to purchase a lunch! 
Are you a lunch packer or do you go out? 


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