Weekend in Blacksburg

The Hokies lost. It was cold and rainy. I’m going to lose to my husband in fantasy football this week. Our house is cold and I refuse to turn on the heat in October. I’m cold and tired but wanted to share some photos of the beautiful campus where I spent 4 wonderful years.


The day started off sunny and beautiful out!

Most of the buildings on campus are built from a local limestone known as Hokie Stone.

VT  1

VT  2

The Drillfield which separates the academic building and the dorms.

VT  7

VT  6

The April 16th memorial just in front of Burruss Hall on the Drillfield:

VT  8

VT  4

Each person that died has a Hokie Stone in their memory.

VT  5

VT  9

Lane Stadium, Home of the Fighting Gobblers

VT  10

VT  11

VT  12

VT  14

VT  20

VT  13

VT  16

Yes, we ate my mascot.  It was delicious.

VT  15

VT  17

VT  18

VT  19

It was a great weekend.  One of us had to lose and that just happened to be me.

Have you ever been to the Virginia Tech campus?


  1. I have indeed been to VT’s campus. One of my buddies from college (WVU) moved to and still lives in Blacksburg. I visit him regularly. A lovely place on a college football Saturday.

    My wife and I eventually had to combine our fantasy teams. Too much intercouch rivalry….

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