Pennsylvania Thanksgivings

We are in the middle of a 7.5 hour drive to South Carolina for Thanksgiving #3.  Yes, I said number 3!

One can never have enough turkey in November!

My Dad’s parents, DoDo and PapPap as we call them, came over on Wednesday night for our first feast.  My mom used her china for the fist time.  She’s had it for almost 30 years but has never used it!  She has other beautiful dishes that we’ve used for other holiday dinners so we’ve never really needed to use it.

Thanksgiving  1

Thanksgiving  2

Thanksgiving  3


Thursday we celebrated out second Thanksgiving with my Mom’s family.  I didn’t get any good photos of the food but I did get a shot of Grandma’s tablescape.

Pecan pie  2

Instead of making side dishes like I did last year, this year I decided to make my first pie. Surprisingly, I had never made a pie before. I’ve helped make pumpkin pies but have never made my own pie crust and filling. I checked that one off of my bucket list on Wednesday thanks to 2 recipes from The Pioneer Woman. (I don’t actually have a bucket list but aI don’t have to add that to it whenever I make mine.)

Pecan pie  1

I used her recipe for Sylvia’s Perfect Pie Crust. The recipe made enough crust for 3 pies so I left 1 crust in my mom’s freezer for a future pie!  The crust was very flaky.  I struggled getting it rolled out and in the pie pan without it falling apart.

Pecan pie

Her recipe for The Pie That’ll Make You Cry was delicious.  It was so sweet and had the perfect amount of pecans compared to filling.

Pecan pie  3

Growing up Pecan Pie always scared me, it could be because my family tends to buy them from the grocery store and they always seemed to be extra jiggly looking.  After moving to the South, I had a homemade one and realized why they are so popular there.  Now that I’ve made my own, I don’t think I’ll ever buy one from the store.  It was easy to make and tasted so much better.  This recipe is definitely a keeper!  Even though I did make it myself, it was one of the best pies I’ve ever had!


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