Christmas Baking Part 2

…..Continued from Part 1

Crock pot candy

Crock pot candy  1

Crock Pot Candy

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate  1

Hot chocolate  2

Baileys marshmallows

Baileys marshmallows  1

How Sweet It Is Grown Up Hot Chocolate and Homemade Baileys Marshmallows

If you serve the vodka on the side, the hot chocolate is kid friendly.

Cake batter balls

Cake batter balls  1

Cake batter balls  2

The Girl Who Are Everything Cake Batter Truffles

I dipped mine in milk chocolate instead of white.

Red velvet brownies  3

Red velvet brownies  4

Red velvet brownies  5

and finally Red Velvet Brownie Truffles!

These recipes can all be made throughout the year, not just at Christmas!

Enjoy the sweets and Merry Christmas!

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