My First Race!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you but life has been a little busy. I couldn’t let today pass without an update.

I ran my first race yesterday, the Flying Pig Toyota 10K!!!!!!!

This was the first event of the Flying Pig Marathon weekend here in Cincinnati.

Flying pig 10k finish

For the last 11 weeks, Tony & I have been training with a goal of finishing the 10K.  Through running and walking intervals, we were able to finish the race!  It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to run another race.

Flying pig 10k  2

It all started downtown bright and early yesterday morning.  We had a little rain just before the race started but made it through most of the race with only a few drizzles.

Flying pig 10k  3

Thankfully it wasn’t hot out like today, but because of the rain, the humidity was high!  That left me a sweaty mess by the end of 6.2 miles.  Every drip of sweat was worth it though.

Flying pig 10k sheena start

We ran in 3 different cities, 2 states and across 3 bridges. The course started downtown next to Great American Ball Park. It then headed over the Taylor Southgate Bridge into Newport, Kentucky. From Newport, we headed across the Licking River into Covington, Kentucky.  From Covington, we ran back across the Ohio River on the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge.

Flying pig 10k course  2

We hit mile 4 just as we came back into Ohio.  From here we ran near Paul Brown Stadium, back to the start line and a little up and back into downtown before heading toward the finish line.

Flying pig 10k  4

The finish line was just outside of US Bank Arena.  This is the same finish that the marathoners crossed today!

Flying pig 10k finish  1

There was no way that I would have made it 6.2 miles without walking breaks.  Tony stuck with me the whole time and we crossed the finish “swine” together!  The Flying Pig was named because of the pork industry history in Cincinnati.  The race theme this year played off of the upcoming elections.

Flying pig 10k

No shirt is complete without a cute little pig tail on the back!

Flying pig 10k  1

This was a fantastic first race for me.  I could have taken an easier route and ran the 5K but I wanted to really push myself and do a 10K as my first race.  I’m not sure what race is next for me, but one thing I can guarantee is that this definitely won’t be my last race!


  1. Great Job!! I didn’t know you were running this wknd! That’s so fantastic you and Tony ran together – Cincinnati is not an easy city to run in! So many hills! Anyway, great job, Sheena! Can’t wait to see which race you pick next :)

    • Sheena says:

      Thank Lynne! Thankfully the 10K doesn’t go up to Eden Park like the half and full so we didn’t have to attempt those hills! The bridges are definitely challenging though.