Meet the Bean

Welcome to theSheenBean!

I am a twenty-something year old chemical engineer wannabe chef.  I married my wonderful husband Tony in October 2009.  We just recently moved to Cincinnati.

I enjoy cooking and baking and have been a food blog fan for a while now.  After contemplating many different blog names, I finally decided that a nickname from my childhood, Sheen Bean, was perfect.  My husband is a pediatric resident and sometimes works long hours hence I have lots of time to spend in the kitchen creating new recipes!  We enjoy many sports especially college football and the NHL. Go Hokies and Penguins! We have one “child,” our spoiled dog, Crosby.  Both Crosby and Tony enjoy being my taste testers!

I have always struggled with keeping an active lifestyle and eating healthy.  I hope that this blog will help me become more healthy and more active!

I love hearing from my fans so please comment on my posts and follow along with me on this journey to a healthy, active life!



Twitter: @theSheenBean

Facebook: theSheenBean