Trivia at Connolly’s

When I got back to work today I had a sweet treat for my dessert, the new Snackwell’s Carmel Popcorn. It was sooo good. I will be having this for a snack for the next few days! A little later in the afternoon I enjoyed a WW Peanut bUtter Bliss Bar. I enjoyed both of these for a total of 5pts+.


I’m always looking for a snack when I come home so tonight it was veggies, dip & rice cakes! I enjoyed this new Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip with some carrots and celery. (Sorry for the blurry pic.)

Dill feta dip

To finish off my snack I had a few rice cakes putting my after work snacks at 4pts.

Rice snacks

I was able to save half of my points so that I could enjoy dinner downtown tonight. Most of our Tuesday nights are spent playing trivia at Connolly’s Irish Pub in downtown Greenville. We play on a team with our friends Joe & Julie. Tonight I enjoyed a Tomato Basil Wrap with a side of fries. I can’t turn down the fries there, they are delicious!