Welcome to Ohio…

Welcome to Ohio!  We have finally moved and are settled into our house in Cincinnati.  Crosby would like to share a few highlights of our house with you.

Here is where I love to lay, in the middle of our bed.

Crosby tour

This is Mom & Dad’s bedroom.  I’m not a fan of all the hardwood flooring.  Thankfully they got me a carpet to jump off on to.


This is our guest room, also the room where they store all of their extra stuff.

Guest Room

Let me take your downstairs.  The previous owners were nice enough to leave the carpets for the steps so that I can go up and down much easier.


At the bottom of the steps you will fine our sports themed living room.


Mom & Dad love the Penguins if you can’t tell.

Living room


Next we head into the dining room.  As you can see all of the flooring is hardwood, not Crosby friendly!

Dining crosby  1

Mom really loves her new square table.  I’m not a fan because I can’t run in between the chairs as well as I could with our old table.


We have lots of glass ware and china that they have displayed in the built-in china cabinets.

China 2

China 1

Off of the dining room is a closed in porch, aka the Man Room.

Man cave  1

Dad brought his foosball table.  He somehow thinks I can play against him.  I’m not sure how that will work.

Man cave

Finally our backyard, the yard with no grass and all mulch!

Crosby outside

I like that I have lots of room to run but it is going to take some time getting used to not having any grass.


More hard flooring outside

Crosby outside2

Table outside

Heading back inside to the kitchen.

Dining crosby

Kitchen crosby

Mom has been working on trying to organize her kitchen.  This one is a lot smaller than our old house so it has taken some creativity on her part.


Kitchen 2

Back to the living room where I love to sit in the window and watch the squirrels.

Goodbye crosby2

Hope you enjoyed my tour!

Goodbye crosby

Mom will be back to regular blogging soon.  Thanks for hanging in there while we get settled in our new city!